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Mark Forster

used Sendmate to share his latest video "Like a Lion" with his fans, reaching a 23% click rate.

Parov Stelar


used Sendmate to reach 98% of their audience with the livestream of a secret gig.

converted 13% of fans to Messenger with a single Instagram story, then shared her latest single.

Mavi Phoenix

used Sendmate to push ticket sales for his Barcelona show,  achieving an incredible 60.2 % click rate.

used Sendmate to shoot to #1 on Amazon's Top 100 Free Kindle Ebook Charts.

Matthias Hombauer

All your Fans are on Messenger. Good luck sending them emails.

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Need some inspiration on how to get the most out of your new direct to fan channel? Below you’ll find a few great examples:

Case Studies

Sendmate will let you achieve Open- and Click-Rates that are unheard-of in the industry.

At 95.7% and 21.5% respectively, they beat even the best E-Mail Marketing Campaigns by up to 10x.

Stats: Sendmate, July 2018

Your content is meant to reach your fans. Yet, without the right channel, even the greatest content will collect dust in some inbox.”

- the greatest intern at Sendmate

Why Sendmate?

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Your success is our success! Get in touch with our team who will go out of their way to make sure you get the most out of your new direct-to-fan channel.


Reach exactly who you want to reach.

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Reach your fans.

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Connect your pages.

Create a filter to hyper-target your campaigns, so your fans on Facebook Messenger will only receive relevant information.

Now it’s time to wait for your awesome engagement numbers to arrive on your dashboard.

Create a great campaign.

You can use rich media, like videos or images to create engaging experiences for your subscribers.

Use keywords like <first_name> to make your messages more personal.

Messenger Marketing vs. E-Mail

Traditional E-Mail Marketing

Messenger Marketing

overzealous SPAM-filters

3 out of 4 are deleted before reading

delivery problems

difficult to target

rendering problems accross different clients

reach almost everyone instantly

get high engagement and click-through-rates

high-fidelity targeting

super easy to set up and use

All your fans are on Messenger.

Good luck sending them emails.

Why Sendmate?

How does it work?

Reach exactly who you want to reach.

Reach your fans.
Every time.


How does it work?

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announced her MYCELIA World Tour achieving a staggering 54% click rate to her pre-sale using Sendmate.

Imogen Heap

90%+ Open Rates and 20%+ Click Rates

Get started in under 2 minutes

No Credit Card. No Coding.

Send hyper-targeted campaigns on Facebook Messenger with Sendmate

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