Transitioning from App-level to Page-level Subscription Messaging

Today we want to let you know that on December 31st, 2018, Facebook is going to switch permissions for subscription messages from app-level to page-level permissions.

Currently, we at Sendmate hold and manage the permissions to message your fans on Messenger for you. Going forward, you / your page will receive these permissions directly. This is good for you - it will give you more control and independence over your audience on Messenger in the long run.

What do you need to do now? Most importantly, you need to apply to use subscription messaging for your pages in order to continue using them starting on January 1, 2019. We highly recommend you do this ASAP, so you have time to go through Facebook's review process.

This must be done for every Facebook page you want to send subscription messages with which we’re guessing is every single one. :)

Page admins may access the subscription messaging request form by doing the following:
✔ Go to Facebook > Page Settings > Messenger Platform
✔ Under 'Subscription Messaging' in the 'Advanced Messaging Settings' section, click the 'Request' button.


In the form, the Page admin will be asked to provide the following:

✔ Which of the three eligible subscription messaging use cases applies to the bot.
✔ A sample message and a brief description of how you will use subscription messaging.
✔ A confirmation that the bot will only send non-promotional content through subscription broadcasts, and will abide by all Facebook Platform policies and community standards.

Info About People
In this section, you'll have to provide examples of how you use gender, time zone and language to personalize and improve your communication with fans.

Here’s the best news: We’ve already prepared a few example messages for you, which you're free to use in your submission if they fit your communication strategy on Messenger.

Finally, check your application and send it. You should see the following message:


Please let us know if you have any questions. You can also read Facebook's official information on this change.

All the best,
Your Friends at Sendmate

Transitioning from App-level to Page-level Subscription Messaging
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