The 5-Minute Starters-Guide

...to Messenger Marketing on Sendmate

1. Connect Your Page

Go to www.sendmate.io/login and sign in with your Facebook profile. We’ll then ask you for your permission to manage your pages. Don’t worry, we’ll never share anything with your subscribers without your say-so.

You’ll then see a list of Facebook pages you manage. Simply click CONNECT on one or more pages you’d like to get started with and off you go. Don’t worry, in case you change your mind, you can disconnect them in your Settings anytime.

2. Set Your Welcome Message

Your “Welcome Message” defines how your new subscribers are greeted on Mes- senger. Under Settings in the top navigation you can craft a message that reflects your page’s personality.

Pro tip: Use the Welcome Message to set the tone of what your fans can expect on this new channel. If you use a particular initiative to drive people into messenger (see next point), it’s good practice to reflect that in your welcome message. For example: “Hi thanks for taking part in our competition. We’ll notify the winners tomorrow at 4pm!”

3. Drive Your Fans To Messenger

Sharing your Messenger link is the easiest way to let people know about your new channel and to bring them in. Your link looks something like this m.me/yourpagename and can be found in your Dashboard (top right).

Pro tip: Use your existing channels (Facebook, Instagram Stories, Twitter, YouTube...) to crosspromote your new channel. Giving your fans a time sensitive and enticing incentive will help drive sign-ups. Example: “WIN a pair of tickets for tonight’s SOLD OUT show!”

4. Create your First Campaign
So you’ve built an initial audience on Messenger? Congratulations, time to send your first campaign to your subscribers! Remem- ber, segmenting your audience is a great way to ensure your message is relevant to your audience.

Pro tip: Adding to your messages automatically addresses your fans by their first names, which sets a personal and polite tone right from the start.

For Best Practice Case Studies, visit: www.sendmate.io/blog/tag/case-studies
For Questions, email to andreas@sendmate.io and stefan@sendmate.io.

1.3B Monthly Active Users on Messenger
92.4% Average Open Rate of Sendmate Campaigns, September 2018
20.6% Average Click Rate of Sendmate Campaigns, September 2018

The 5-Minute Starters-Guide
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