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Parov Stelar

When Austria’s most successful international artist Marcus Füreder, better known by his stage name Parov Stelar, was about to play an exclusive live concert in Barcelona/Spain, he offered his fans the chance to win 3x2 free tickets: to take part in the competition, all the fans had to do was send Parov a brief message on Facebook Messenger.

On the day of the show, Parov announced the lucky winners and sent out a Messenger Campaign via Sendmate, with a link to the ticket office where fans could get the last tickets to the show. The result? Almost as energetic and infectious as Parov's music: 60.2% (!!!) click rate!


Step 1: Audience Growth
Days before the live show, Parov decided that this special concert was a great opportunity to start building his Messenger audience.

The incentive: "Win 3x2 tickets to the show"
The activation: "Simply send a message on Facebook Messeenger: m.me/parovstelar?=ref=barcelona18". Winners will be announced a day before the show.

Parov shared this post on his Facebook Account with +1 Million fans, yet exclusively targeted to his spanish audience. On top, Parov used the power of tags (a Sendmate Feature), hereby automatically assigning the tag "Barcelona18" to fans who came into Messenger via his link above. This way, Parov and his team had a surefire way to know:

a) who successfully participated in the competition
b) who lived in Spain, hence, was more likely to attend the show

The post was accompanied by a short teaser video of his current tour. And so, his fans started pouring in...

Step 2 Tour Announcement (The Campaign)
After privately contacting the winners of the competition, Parov Stelar set up a Sendmate campaign, only targeting people who had the "Barcelona18" tag assigned to them, ergo, participated in the competition - and therefore, were likely to also live in reasonable proximity of Barcelona.

The campaign contained a brief message, that - albeit these fans weren't lucky enough to win the free tickets - they still had a chance to have an amazing evening at the show tonight. Finally, Parov included a link to the ticket site, where the last few tickets were available for purchase.

The result was absolutely unbelievable: 60.2% of fans actually clicked through to the ticketing site within hours, resulting in direct ticket sales!!!

About Sendmate
Sendmate is a messenger marketing tool often referred to as the “MailChimp for Messenger”, allowing Facebook page owners - like artists, athletes and brands - to reach their fans directly on Facebook Messenger.

We're currently working with +400 artists, including Imogen Heap, Petit Biscuit, Parov Stelar, The Sherlocks, William Fitzsimmons and many more.

Their results are extremely promising, with Open Rates averaging at 95.7% and Click Rates at 21.5% (Stats: Sendmate, May 2018).

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Parov Stelar
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