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Mavi Phoenix

How to grow your audience and reach them effectively?

Mavi Phoenix converted >13% of her fans into Messenger with a single Instagram Story. A month later she shared her new single Yellow with her fans on Messenger through a single campaign sent via Sendmate, reaching >93% within the first 24h.


Phase 1: Growing the Messenger Audience
Austrian newcomer Mavi Phoenix converted >13% of her fans into her Messenger with a single Instagram Story. In the story Mavi used her direct Messenger link (m.me/maviphoenix) which drove people straight into her Messenger upon swipe-up. To entice her fans, she raffled 5 signed vinyls among everyone who had sent her a message. Within 24 hours >4700 of her fans saw the story, of which 616 sent her a private message thereby opting in to receive the latest news and updates directly from Mavi.

Conversion of Instagram Audience to Messenger

Time: 15 min
Views: 650
Subscribers: 103
Conversion: 15.8%

Time: 120 min
Views: 2200
Subscribers: 275
Conversion: 12.5%

Time: 60 min
Views: 1500
Subscribers: 180
Conversion: 12.0%

Time: 24h
Views: 4710
Subscribers: 616
Conversion: 13.07%

Phase 2: The Campaign
A month later her superfan audience had grown to 862 subscribers. For the release of her new single Yellow, Mavi launched her very first Sendmate campaign, directly inform- ing her fans about the release.

Since the news of a new single is of interest to all of her fans, there was no need to segment her target audience into smaller groups. The results proved her right, with the cam- paign achieving an open rate of >93% within 24 hours.

Summary: One campaign, zero budget & 862 superfans whom Mavi can reach whenever she wants.

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Their results are extremely promising, with Open Rates averaging at 95.7% and Click Rates at 21.5% (Stats: Sendmate, May 2018).

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Mavi Phoenix
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