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Mark Forster

How to grow your audience and reach them effectively?

German superstar Mark Forster used Instagram Stories and Facebook Video to drive thousands of sign ups to his Messenger, which he promoted to his fans as the channel to hear all his latest news and get all his latest content first.

A week later, he shared a preview of his new video “Like a Lion” on Messenger, generating a staggering 98% open rate. 48hrs later, Mark shared the full video, achieving a 92% open- and a 23% click-rate.


Phase 1: Growing the Messenger Audience

Mark posted two Instagram Stories over the course of a week as well as pinned a video message on Facebook to encourage his fans to subscribe to his Messenger - his new direct to fan channel for all the latest news, content and gossip directly from Mark himself. Adding his personal Messenger link to the story, allowed fans to swipe up and connect directly with Mark in Messenger.

Instagram stories are great, because they disappear after 24 hours and therefore convey an innate sense of urgency advocating fans to act instantly. Also, Facebook Video usually drives more reach and engagement than text or image posts. Combine that with an enticing incentive and watch your fans pour into your Messenger channel.

*Pro Tip: Don't forget to add text with instructions in your post or story, as some fans might watch your video without sound.

Phase 2: The Campaign

After successfully launching and promoting his direct to fan channel, Mark shared a preview of his new video for “Like a Lion” via Messenger to all his superfans, generating a stunning 98% open rate.

48h later, Mark shared the full video, achieving a 92% open- and a 23% click-rate.

Summary: 2 initiatives to promote his new messenger channel, zero advertising budget used, thousands of happy superfans, which Mark can reach whenever he wants!

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Mark Forster
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