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How to increase your open- and click-rates

Alongside Email and SMS, communicating via Facebook Messenger has become a staple tool within any successful and innovative marketeer's arsenal. Little wonder considering 1.3 billion people use the platform every month. Add the fact that campaigns via Messenger enjoy open- and click-through-rates that are sometimes even 23x higher than the global email average (2.43% Source: MailChimp) and there's really no denying this is how you ought to be communicating with your fans and customers in 2018.

Here's 5 lessons to help you do it effectively and efficiently:

  1. Be relevant!

Sounds obvious, but it's the core point to get right. If you're sending information that the recipient will be keen on then it's obvious that they'll not only open your message, but they'll enjoy receiving as well as reading it and the chances of an actual follow through on the desired call to action contained within are high. Therefore you should be certain to only send the most important information to the right people e.g. there's no point sending news about your South America Tour or that you're playing Madison Square garden if your prospect lives in Europe. This brings me to the second part about relevancy: segment your audience!

Segmenting your audience will echo in your memory from all those email campaigns you've sent in the past. It's even truer and more crucial to your communication via Messenger. After all this is a trusted channel used by your audience to predominantly chat with family and friends. It's not only one of the most effective channels, but at the same time the most unforgiving! If you fail to send relevant content to the right persons, they'll unsubscribe or even worse, block your page entirely and you will never again be able to message them. Vice versa, if your audience comes to expect that you send them interesting, informative and engaging messages, then they'll keep opening every single one forever and gush about how wonderful your channel is to their mates.

So use all the data available at your disposal to segment your audience into as many small groups as you wish to serve up the most relevant content per target group.

  1. Be personal and direct, but polite.

Following on from the above, this is a trusted channel used mainly for personal communication, so it's twice as important to be courteous and friendly. Also as you might expect, messages are much more likely to be opened, if they sound like they've been written directly addressing the recipient. Use the recipient's first name in your opening, and write your text as if you were writing to that one person alone. This level of focus and familiarity will engage your fans and keep them opening your messages forever.

  1. Be concise and to the point.

I might as well have said: Write like any self respecting news journalist, because great journalistic writing starts with the heart of the story in the first paragraph and then adds more details with every additional paragraph in order of relevance and importance to the story itself as well as its readers.

With mobile Internet usage increasing its dominance over laptops, it's fair to assume that between half and two thirds of your audience see the first sentence of your message on their mobile devices before even opening the full message. In other words, you have the great opportunity to put your core point across in your first sentence whilst also skillfully teasing the rest of it. Humans love to be teased, especially skilfully, so do it right and your fans will not only open your message, but are more likely to follow through on your desired Call-To-Action. We recommend sticking to one single and clear Call-To-Action per message.

Your customer's time is precious, so don't waste it with fluff. Hook 'em early, hook 'em quickly! Having said that, never sacrifice vital pieces of information or polite courtesy in the name of speed. There must always be enough time for respectful and considerate behaviour. Speaking of time…

  1. Timing is crucial!

Send at the opportune moment, email marketing over the weekends usually produce dire result, yet messaging campaigns might work really well when your prospective clients are off the clock and enjoy listening to your tunes or browsing your YouTube channel. This will vary across everyone of course, but use common sense and ideally AB test to really find out what works best!

Creating urgency in your messages in order to entice your fans to follow through on your desired course of action e.g. Hey Joe, due to popular demand, we've added another night at the Apollo. Grab yours before we sell out of these tickets too!

Another surefire way to make certain that your messages are not only opened, but are engaged with, is to make the person receiving it feel special e.g. offering a special discount for a limited edition merch line ahead of everyone else, or special pre-sale VIP packages to your upcoming tour etc.

  1. Don't Spam!

Finally, remember that the ability to send a message to a potential (or past) customer is a privilege, not a right. If you bother them too often, or send messages with no point, then you are likely to lose that privilege. Nobody likes Spam so just don't do it; ever! Good messages should be anticipated, they should be personal and they should be relevant. A good marketing message is one your customer will miss if you don't send. That's what you should be aiming for.

As per above, one of the beautiful qualities of Sendmate is its power of segmentation. Meaning you can send increasingly relevant messages to a smaller subset of fans more often without running the danger of becoming a Spammer.

Final thought

Like any other marketing channel, Messenger requires relentless optimization to improve customer engagement over time. Using industry averages, companies can benchmark how well their campaigns perform against their peers. But, ultimately, your goal should be to consistently outperform yourself. I hope the above helps with that.

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How to increase your open- and click-rates
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