How to use Location Targeting

A few weeks ago, Sendmate introduced the functionality to send location requests to members of your messenger audience. All users who respond by sharing their location can then be targeted based on cities + radius or countries in future campaigns.

Where a user lives, is one of the most important information points, when it comes to segmenting your audience in order to ensure your campaigns are relevant to its audience. We have all received emails, telling us about tours in South America while we're based in Europe or vice versa.

Location further influences where to buy tickets, if/when music or film is being released and if a certain concert or event is relevant to me - the user. At Sendmate, we strive to give you all the necessary tools at hand, in order to communicate with your fans with maximum relevancy and efficiency. Location targeting is one important step away from irrelevant messages. Here's how it works:

1. Send a Location Request

It all starts with asking a user for their location. A user's privacy is important, hence, you need to always make sure first, that a user wants to share their location with you.

Sending location requests to users can be done super simple via Sendmate, by simply selecting "Location Request" when sending your next campaign. Location requests do always contain a text field + a floating button at the end of a message, which a user can click when they decide to share their location with you.

Location requests can be combined with other message types (text, image, links...) and can also be used in the welcome message.


2. Receive a User's Location

Your fans can respond to your location request, directly within Messenger. After hitting the "Send Location" button, they can either send:

  • their current location
  • a manually selected location (e.g. their hometown, when on holiday)

Each location you receive from a fan will be directly saved to your audience table. For reasons of data privacy & protection, we'll only display the user's country in your audience table, not their exact location. No worries though, you can still target users by their exact location, e.g. Vienna + 10km radius.


3. Create a Campaign and Target only Users in Cities or Countries

Let's imagine you play two concerts in three different cities, for which you only want to ping people who live in the area, not all your fans who'll never make it there. Relevancy, remember?

Step 1: Create a New Campaign

Step 2: Select Location as your targeting option. Simply start typing in the cities, e.g. Vienna, Munich, and Berlin. For your hardcore fans, let's add a radius of 130km to these cities, so we also reach people who live nearby but - in theory - could make it to the show.

If you'd like, you could also target users by country (e.g. Germany, Austria). Please note, you can not combine the two options though (e.g. Vienna + Germany) or add a radius to a country.

Step 3: Send Campaign. Done. It's that easy! :-D



For any questions or if you’d simply like to discuss growth tactics don't hesitate to tweet to @mahringer_a or email us here or stefan@sendmate.io.

How to use Location Targeting
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