How to find my personal Messenger link and code

In this post you’ll learn how to get your personal messenger link for Facebook pages you manage and how you can use messenger codes to lure your audience in the offline world.

Frankly, there are many ways to invite your fans to subscribe to your Messenger updates. One of the easiest ways is, is to simply share your personal messenger link for your page. The link will look something like this:


You can easily find the link for each page you manage, when logging into your Sendmate Dashboard and copying the link next to your page name (top right).

Messenger Codes
If you prefer visual communication you can also use messenger codes. Messenger automatically generates them for each one of your pages. The codes look something like this:


Messenger Codes can be scanned to instantly link the user to your bot, no typing needed. They’re great for sticking on fliers, ads, or anywhere in the real world where you want people to try your bot. They even work on balloons.🎈

Click here to learn how to download your messenger code for a single page. If you’d like to generate the codes for many different pages, you can read the Messenger Code API documentation here.

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How to find my personal Messenger link and code
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