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How do you explain Sendmate to someone who has never heard of it in less than 60 seconds? Look no further...

1. What is Sendmate?
Sendmate is a messenger marketing tool often referred to as the “MailChimp for Messenger”, allowing Facebook page owners - like artists, athletes and brands - to reach their fans directly on Facebook Messenger.

2. Why Messenger?
At the end of 2017, messaging apps collectively accounted for 7.7 B monthly active accounts. It’s safe to say that all your fans and customers are using at least one messaging app per day - and Sendmate is how you can reach them. Source: http://bit.ly/messaging2018

3. How does Sendmate work?
Simply go to www.sendmate.io, create an account and connect your Facebook Page. You don’t need any coding skills, a credit card or more than a minute of your time to get started.

Once you’ve grown an audience on Messenger, you’ll be able to send campaigns (e.g. a message + pictures, links or videos ) to these subscribers or a segment therof by targeting people based on their location, language, interests, gender, activity. Such segmentation ensures maximum relevancy and high open- and click rates for your campaigns.

For more info, view our Starters Guide: http://bit.ly/SendmateStartersGuide

4. Who is using Sendmate?
We’re currently working with +500 artists, athletes, media and brands including The Prodigy, alt-j, Mogli, RAM Records, Imogen Heap, Parov Stelar, Mark Forster, AnnenMayKantereit, Suede, Petit Biscuit, Jeremy Loops, Mavi Phoenix, Bilderbuch and many more.

It’s our mission to help them to create meaningful connections with their fans and customers through Messenger.

5. What are the results?
Our clients’ results are extremely promising, with Open Rates averaging at 92.4% and Click Rates at 20.6% (Stats September 2018). To view our Best Practice Case Studies visit: http://bit.ly/SendmateCaseStudies

Get in touch!
Simply send an email to andreas@sendmate.io or stefan@sendmate.io. Andreas is the Co-Founder and CEO of Sendmate and Stefan runs business development. Both and the entire team will go out of their way to help you in your first steps, making sure you get the best out of Sendmate.

1.3B Monthly Active Users on Messenger
92.4% Average Open Rate of Sendmate Campaigns, September 2018
20.6% Average Click Rate of Sendmate Campaigns, September 2018

Sendmate in 60 Seconds
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