How to grow your Audience and reach them reliably?

Bilderbuch converted more than 47% of their local fans into Messenger with a single campaign, giving away tickets to a surprise gig in Vienna. After the show Bilderbuch shared the video recording of the gig with their Messenger audience. After 24 hours a staggering 99% of fans had opened the message!


Phase 1: Audience Growth
Austrian superstars Bilderbuch used the announcement of a surprise gig in an intimate venue in Vienna to drive sign ups for their newly launched direct-to-fan channel. Fans could not buy tickets, but instead were asked to message the band via Messenger for their chance to win.

Bilderbuch pushed their Messenger link ( in the following ways:
• An Instagram story asking fans to swipe up
• With an overlay landing page for their website
• A Facebook post which they boosted just among Austrian fans
• A Tweet, announcing the show to drive people into Messenger
• A Newsletter sent out to their database announcing the show and explaining the competition dynamics again heavily promoting the direct link into Messenger ( bilderbuch)

The competition ran for 24 hours and brought them more than 8,500 fans into their Messenger. In other words they converted 23% of their nationwide audience and 47% of their Vienna based fans into Messenger, where they are now able to contact them instantly, directly and reliably whenever they choose.

Conversion of Fans to Messenger
Time: 30 min
Subscribers: 1,317
Conversion: 7.3%

Time: 1h
Subscribers: 2,304
Conversion: 12.8%

Time: 6h
Subscribers: 5,676
Conversion: 19.8%

Time: 24h
Subscribers: 8,510
Conversion: 47.2%

Phase 2: The Campaign
After the show Bilderbuch shared the link to the video recording of the band’s performance with their fans and they loved it!

More than 89% opened the message within the first 6 hours, growing to 99% of fans after just 24 hours.

That’s a whole lot of very happy and loyal fans for one campaign with next to zero budget and relatively little effort. Direct to fan done right.

One Campaign, One Incentive, Next to zero budget but more than 8500 happy Superfans

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