You’ve set up your Facebook Page and are now ready to build your audience on Messenger? But what’s the right way to ask your fans to join?

Frankly, there are many ways to invite your fans to subscribe to your Messenger updates. One of the easiest ways is to simply share your personal messenger link for your page. Now, add a great incentive for your fans on top and you're good to go.

Read more how to get your personal link & code.

The Right Incentive

One of the most authentic ways of getting fans to subscribe to your updates on Messenger, is to give them the right incentive at the right time. Make sure, that the ask — your request to the fan to send you a message — makes sense to the fan in the respective context.

A random ask like “Hey guys, add me on Messenger!” will unlikely move the needle for you. As a fan, why should I? What am I getting out of it? Why now?

A much better way is to center your ask around a certain, time sensitive incentive. The more attractive the incentive and the more time sensitive, the more your fans will respond.


Example 1: Tease & Deliver
Give away Exclusive Content and Early Access

Humans love teasing. Whether it’s the intro of a song, the smell of fresh coffee or the preview of the next Netflix episode — it’s hard to resist real temptation. Play with the human psyche, tease your fans a little and reward them once they’ve followed suit. Here are some examples:

“Hey folks, here are the first 10 seconds of our new video. Send us a message to and we’ll send you the full thing!”

“Psst… tickets for the Berlin show go on sale tomorrow. PM us here ( and we’ll send you an exclusive link so you can secure your tickets tonight ahead of everyone else.”

“We’ve just secretly released a new song. Send us a message here to listen ahead of everyone else.”

“Here’s a video from last night’s show. Drop us a line at and we’ll send you the link to the full show. Strictly NO SHARING allowed.”

“Thanks for joining us last night, the party was wild. Drop us a message at and we’ll send you a pic from the after-aftershow. Strictly NO SHARING allowed.”

Probably the biggest incentive for fans, is to be granted access to exclusive content — even if it’s just exclusive for a short period of time.

Your fans pride themselves with hearing your latest single before anybody else. Pair this, with a clear time-frame and you’ll see great results with this strategy.

Case Studies: Imogen Heap, Mark Forster, AnnenMayKantereit

Example 2: Competitions
A signed vinyl or free tickets can go a long way

Sometimes, you might not have an incentive that you can or even want to give to all fans for free. In this case, run a competition on your social media accounts, where the mode of participation is to be connected with the artist on Messenger.

"I'm giving away three signed vinyl box sets. Send me a message to enter: -- I'll announce the winners on Friday.

"We're playing a secret show tomorrow in Vienna. Send us a message to and win 1 of 100 free tickets. Winners will be announced tomorrow, 9am CET.

"Are you at Glastonbury this year? If so, send us a message here and we'll jug a glass of green tea with one of you backstage

REMEMBER: When running competitions...

  • make it easy for fans to participate, e.g. "send me a message" vs "send me a message, tag 3 mates, comment with a poem and like the post").
  • be clear in your wording, so fans know exactly what to do and why.
  • let your fans know when you announce the winners (e.g. in the Welcome Message).
  • create a "tag" in Sendmate (My Audience > My Tags) so you can tell exactly who participated and who was already an audience member before.
  • adjust the Welcome Message in Messenger (via Sendmate Settings), so that people know they've successfully entered the competition.
  • make sure, that most of your fans qualify for the competition, e.g. giving away tickets for your show in Brighton will draw less fans than giving away tickets for any show on the tour.

Case Studies: Bilderbuch, Mavi Phoenix

The Right Channel

Just as important as how you incentivise your fans, is where you do so. In a nutshell, go to your channels where you get the best reach and engagement. From our clients, we're seeing the biggest success in the following:

Instagram Stories
Create a video in portrait or vertical format (9:16 aspect ratio), which you can upload to Instagram Stories. Adding your personal Messenger link to the story, allows fans to swipe up and connect directly with you in Messenger.

Instagram stories are great, because they disappear after 24 hours and therefore convey an innate sense of urgency encouraging fans to act instantly.

Pro Tip: Don't forget to add text with instructions in your post or story, as some fans might watch your video without sound.

Facebook Video
Similarly, Facebook Video usually drives more reach and engagement than text or image posts. Combine that with an enticing incentive and watch your fans pour into your Messenger channel.

Pro Tip: Always add the link to your post with instructions, even if the "Send Message" button is shown. People will immediately recognize the blue link on top of your post and know instantly what to do.

Boosting Posts
If you struggle to reach all your fans on social media, it might pay off to boost your posts, in order to convert more of your fans to Messenger - it's really worth the investment.

If you do so, make sure you do it within the first 6-12 hours ideally after posting, 24h at the very latest. Facebook takes "time decay" into negative account when calculating the newsfeed ranking in your post, hence, it will become more expensive to boost a post and achieve the desired engagement, the longer it has been online.

Also, in only very rare circumstances, you should boost the same post twice. Again, your price per engagement will go up drastically.


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